TalkAurora cares about you and your privacy.
Communicate privately and securely.
TalkAurora is totally free from Adware.


  • Get attractive colorful nicknames for FREE!
  • Make your own nickname even more attractive with our huge collection of nickname icons.
  • Add the popular rooms to your Favorites.
  • Create and administrate your own text and voice rooms with banners of your choice.
  • Color your text and voice room to your own look and feel.
  • Communicate privately and securely.
  • In addition to text, audio and video in rooms, you can also PAINT so others can see your favorite drawings!
  • Share your favorite pictures with your friends directly in your room.
  • Adjust your own audio with cool sound effects like reverb, echo etc.
  • Play your favorite songs in full Stereo.
  • You can join several rooms at the same time (multiroom).
  • Send instant messages online and offline.
  • Meet new friends in text, voice and video rooms.
  • Express yourself through amazing emoticons.
  • Invite your friends and get a GOLDEN nickname.
  • Absolutely free software – it contains no spyware, no adware and no toolbars.

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Note: Free version has limited functionality. The users experience of the functionality and features available at any time may change without any notice to the users while running the beta client. There may be some additional requirements with some functions.